Senior Aths – Info

Regular Track and Field competition takes place from October to March at Landy Field Athletic Track in Geelong. Athletics Victoria has announced that AVSL competitions will commence 13th November. This information is based on Victorian Government projections that Victoria will reach 80% fully vaccinated by 5 November. However, this date is subject to change based on vaccination rates and government targets.

2021/22 Season AVSL Calendar

The winter distance and cross-country season runs from April to September with diverse courses, distances and levels.

Athletics at Geelong Guild is open to athletes of all ages and abilities. Anyone that wants to come into the Guild family will be welcomed with open arms!

At local level athletes compete with others with a similar age and/or ability with the full spread of events being available across a range of programs. For those athletes who want to compete at a more elite level, there are also a range of options in this space and we are the right people to point you in the right direction!

Coaching is available and recommended to perform at your best, reduce the risks of injury and to enjoy training with a group. There are training groups from Little Athletics all the way through to elite athletes, so whichever end you fall, we can help you perform at your best.

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